Cortica Benicia, S.A. was incorporated in Lourosa, Portugal in 1992 to engage in the export of cork worldwide. The products include closures and other packaging materials for wine, spirits, and food.

The challenge of satisfying the international market requires experience in dealing with a variety of traditions and preferences. Cortica Benicia, S.A. has supplied the North American market for almost 20 years and has a growing presence in other world markets.

Cortica Benicia, USA was established in 2004 to better serve our North American customers and the rapidly growing industry.

Our Facilities:

Our state-of-the-art facility in Fairfield, California processes corks of the highest quality. We’re providing innovation and technology with an eye to sound environmental and ecological protection. Our laboratories are equipped with the latest mechanical, chemical and sensory devices to ensure the very best product available.